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-Re: WordPress Jetpack

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What is Jetpack? A super plugin offered to self hosted WordPress blogs by Automattic, the company behind WordPress.com. At the present there are 23 different applications offered through the plugin. Some of these features have been part of the WordPress.com experience for some time but were not built into the program available for self hosted blogging through WordPress.org.

WordPress.com Stats is one of these Jetpack features that is automatically part of every WordPress.com hosted blog but has only been available through a plugin for self hosted blogs. Now the same plugin brings with it an option for activating 23 different features.

I must admit that when my WordPress.com Stats plugin was upgraded to ‘Jetpack’ I was somewhat confused by all of the different features that were all of a sudden at my fingertips if I chose to activate them. Unfortunately I really haven’t had the time to explore them all.

However I found an article from BLOGGINGPRO that does name the five best and evaluates what they actually do: “The 5 Best Features in WordPress JetPack

The 5 covered in the article are:

1. Jetpack Comments

2. Photon 

3. Notifications

4. Publicize

5. WordPress.com Stats

A very helpful article at least in understanding the uses of these 5 features from Jetpack.            *Top 

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