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-Updating Your Site: No ‘Broken Links’ but Plenty of ‘Bad’ Ones

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404 No Longer Here!

You may not have any broken links on your site but that doesn’t mean you don’t have some ‘bad’ ones. I have posted before on the importance of cleaning up and eliminating any broken links since search engines like Google downgrade or penalize sites which have them. But links from past articles can give you problems in other ways by taking your readers to places you never originally intended or worse, where you would never want to go as a Christian site.

The other day the WordPress Broken Link Checker plugin working on my site told me that I had over a thousand links and none of them were broken. Nevertheless, when I checked in on a supposedly successful ‘world evangelism’ site that I had posted on 5 years ago I ended up being re-directed to a porno page. Right then I decided that it was time to check all of my past articles and links. A daunting task since I have been posting on this blog for over 8 years and have written over 300 articles in that time.

In the process I flushed 17 whole articles on stuff that no longer existed and eliminated more than 20 links along with re-directing quite a few others. That amazing plugin I posted on 5 years ago is not so much anymore, and that ‘free’ blogging host is no longer even in existence. This is what I found out and should have known all along.

The Internet is in flux and constantly changing with new sites and apps going up every day along with old blogs and programs constantly going out of existence and disappearing. Meanwhile the domains may still be active but the destinations may be nothing like the originals you linked to and many times nothing but link farms or domain seller sites like GoDaddy. In some cases, the original site or author might still be there but the articles or stuff you linked to is now at a different address and it takes a little research to find them.

Here’s an easy place to start. Check out your old ‘blog roll’ if you still even have one. You may be surprised to find that some of those blogs and sites that were so  ‘great’ a few years ago are now inactive or no longer there.             *Top

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