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-Trackbacks vs. ‘Bottombacks,’ ‘Nothingbacks,’ and ‘Spambacks’

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Genuine ‘trackbacks’ are wonderful indications that your blogging efforts are actually being appreciated. In most blogging platforms trackbacks are automatic. If your have been blogging for a while this is nothing new.

A valuable genuine trackback happens when someone writing a post on another site places a link in the midst of it to one of your articles. A ‘trackback’ to where that link was placed shows up in the comment line of your original article. Lately however, I have been getting what I call ‘bottombacks,’ ‘nothingbacks,’ and ‘spambacks’ more often then genuine trackbacks.

I moderate all comments and trackbacks before they show up on my site unless they are coming from a previously approved commenter. So every ‘trackback’ means that a decision must be made. Genuine trackbacks, that actually refer to something said in an article, are easy since they provide valuable links to the content on your site. The others, not so much. 


‘Bottombacks’ appear to be trackbacks but when you follow it back you find that your article is linked at the bottom of a post that may or may not even be related to what your original article was all about. Sometimes your link may be buried in the midst of 10 to 20 other bottombacks. If the linking article is at least on topic than I usually confirm it and let it appear. If the article is not even related to mine then it depends upon whether I like the other site or not whether I let the trackback appear on mine. Since even ‘bottombacks’ provide a link to your site I usually lean towards allowing them.


‘Nothingbacks’ show up just like trackbacks and bottombacks but when you follow them back, the link to your site no longer exists. These are the most frustrating of all since you can waste 5-10 minutes trying to find the non-existing ‘nothingbacks’ which were probably erased shortly after the post was originally published.


‘Spambacks’ are just like comment spam only they come in the form of a trackback. When you follow the link it takes you back to a commercial or porno site. Sometimes the link is in the form of a bottomback among a hundred others. Nevertheless the decision to delete is an easy one to make. Fortunately most of these are eliminated by spam blockers.                *Top

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