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Blogging Ministry:

The plan

1. We’re going to look at and write about how blogging might be used as a potential tool of ministry.
2. We’re going to explore some of the easier blogging tools that are out there and how to get started.

3. We’re going to search the blogosphere and link to valuable articles on blogging as a ministry.

The Goal: To look at and evaluate blogging as a potential tool of ministry. To help those who know little or nothing about blogging to get started in a blogging ministry; and to provide some basic information and basic tools to make it a whole lot easier.


Dr. Michael G. Davis

-Ordained Minister

-Education: D.Min. Doctor of Ministry  -Claremont School of Theology

-Present Occupation: Retired

-Theological Statement:

1. ‘THE NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF EVANGELICALS STATEMENT OF FAITH’-is the guiding confession for this site

2. We Believe in the Continuation of All Spiritual Gifts until the coming of Our Lord.


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