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-Time Magazine’s Person Of The Year 2010: Mark Zuckerberg

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Facebook founder and head- Mark Zuckerberg has been chosen by Time Magazine as their ‘Person of the Year-2010’: “For connecting more than half a billion people and mapping the social relations among them; for creating a new system of exchanging information; and for changing how we all live our lives, Mark Elliot Zuckerberg is TIME’s […]

-Are You Using Social Media to Bless Others?

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From GMO Blog: “How are you using social media to refresh others?” Quote from article: Will you choose to be a breath of fresh air to the world today? How are YOU using social media in your life to refresh others lives with the grace and truth of Jesus Christ? Philippians 2:15: “Go out into […]

-Mobile Phone Revolution: Reaching the Unreachable

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                           (Mobile Phones –Wikipedia) We have written about how the Internet is a new ‘Roman Road’ making it possible to reach the ‘unreachable’ all around the world. In the first century the roman roads made it possible for Christianity to spread quickly around the known world. Not only that but English is the dominant language […]

-Internet Ministry: “God’s Redeeming Work On The Internet”

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        (Image via Wikipedia) From GMO blog: “God’s redeeming work, on the internet.”: “If you haven’t seen this, I really encourage you to visit http://www.greatcommission2020.com/as soon as you finish reading this. It is pretty incredible to know that right now, as you are reading this, people are praying to receive Jesus as the Savior of […]

-Internet Users Will Exceed 2 Billion in 2010

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(Image by EraPhernalia Vintage via Flickr) According to a United Nations agency (released today -Tues.10/19/10) the number of Internet users will surpass two billion this year to nearly one third of the world population. The greatest increases and impact have come from developing countries with 162 million new Internet users this year. The forecast is […]

-Social Networking from the Cradle to the Grave?

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Image via Wikipedia According to AVG, the Internet security firm, nearly 92% of children in the U.S have some type of online presence by the time they reach just 2 years of age. The young children either show up in articles and pictures in their mothers social net page or they have their very own […]

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