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Some Real Help in Blogging Video

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Last year I brought back Zemanta and Apture from the BlogWorld Expo. This year at the Expo I was introduced to two sites that really help in finding and putting up Video: Yubby and RedLasso. 1. Yubby allows you to find, collect, and publish videos from 30+ different video sites. First you search and find […]

Taking Care of Broken Links

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(Image by mansikka via Flickr) Ever click on a link and end up on a 404 page? Everyone has–it is one of those little frustrations that we endure on the net. That’s why it is a good idea every once in a while to check out the links on your own blog. Some suggest that […]

26+ Places to Find Free Multimedia for Your Blog

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(Image via Wikipedia) From Mashable.com : “26 Places to Find Free Multimedia for Your Blog” A real helpful article by Barb Dybwad with 26 different places to go for ‘free’ pictures, audio, and video for your website and blog. *Top

The Importance of Browser Checks

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A couple of weeks ago I noticed that some of my blogs were loading slowly (30 seconds) and at other times not at all. At first I attributed it to a possible database attack like I had experienced early last year. After checking everything out with my hosting co. and doing a bunch of different […]

Re: "Favicon Generator"

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Here’s a link to a site that can help you make a “favicon” for your blog. Quite a clever tool: Favicon Generator What is a “favicon”? It’s that little symbol or icon that shows up in front of your URL address. Take a look above at my URl, I made that little red cross with […]

Plugin: WP Easy Uploader

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Image via CrunchBase A couple of weeks ago I put the WP Easy Uploader plugin on my WordPress blogs. What a great time saver this one is! Now I can upload the entire program for a plugin or new theme into my WordPress files with only a couple of clicks. In order to try out […]

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