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-Ten Common Grammar Errors That Plague The Web

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I know that I have broken some of these basic rules in grammar dozens of times while writing on the Web in the last six years. It occurs to me that if I could use a quick refresher in this area then maybe some of you might benefit from it also. Here’s an article by […]

-The Daunting and Haunting Task of Proofreading

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(Image by Dan Patterson via Flickr) Proofreading is probably a writer’s least favorite task. It is also quite necessary, entirely expected, and all of the ‘rewards’ are negative at best. What makes it particularly daunting and haunting is the obvious fact that all of us fail at it occasionally no matter how many times we […]

-Before You hit The ‘Publish’ Button

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(Image by iStylr via Flickr) Here’s a checklist from DailyBlogTips to use before you hit the ‘Publish’ button and send that new post into the blogosphere: 1. Did I read the post after writing it? 2. Is the post as complete as it could be? 3. Did I research the related keywords? 4. Did I […]

Some Thoughts on Blogging Etiquette

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(Image by Mexicanwave via Flickr) When I started blogging I couldn’t even spell ‘etiquette’ much less practice it on my new blog but I did try to learn the best procedures by observing the best. Along the way I naturally picked up some important do’s and don’ts—a lot by just experiencing stuff that I didn’t […]

Some Writing and Editing Tips

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(-Picture by Sybren A. Stüvel via Flickr) Here’s a post I found on Problogger with some tips on writing by Shannon Paul- “Six very Official Ways to Improve Your Writing”: 1. Stop Trying to Sound Intelligent 2. Give yourself permission to write garbage 3. Be a Ruthless Editor 4. Use MIGHTY verbs 5. Read aloud […]

Updating or Changing Posts?

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(Post Work via Wikipedia) Have you ever read a post on your blog a couple of days later (after publishing) and found words or spelling that needed to be changed? I just make the changes and usually go on down the road unless my mistake has been pointed out in a reader’s comment. Mostly these […]

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