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“Blogging and Pastoral Ministry: The Series”

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I found this linked on Sista Cala’s blog. A great series for Pastors and the rest of us posted on Pastor Steve Weaver’s Blog: 1. Blogging and Pastoral Ministry, Intro. 2. The Benefits of Blogging as a Pastor 3. How and What Should a Pastor Blog 4. The Dangers of Blogging as a Pastor The […]

Book Review: “Teach Yourself: Blogging”

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By Nat McBride and Jamie Cason (London UK: Hodder Education, 2006, 198 pgs.) Great book on getting started with Blogger and TypePad.  Read the review posted on my BOOK Reviews site.          *Top

Comparing: Blogger and WordPress.com

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Wow! Another great post by Rob, three in a row. A comparison of Blogger and WordPress.com. I found this link embedded in the last teaching by Rob Williams. A lot better than I could have done. Also see my Blogger site and my WordPress.com blog for visual comparison.  Then read my evaluations of each, posted […]

“The Everything Blogging Book”

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By Aliza Sherman Risdahl (Avon, MA: Adams Media/F+W Pub. Co., 2006, 305 pages) This is a comprehensive book on blogging. It starts at the beginning and defines what blogging is and introduces you to all the major terms that everyone uses and identifies the differences between blogs and regular websites. Next there are chapters helping […]

“Blogging for Dummies” -Chapter 6: Blogger

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by Brad Hill (Indianapolis, Indiana: Wiley Publishing. Inc., 2006, 368 pgs.) There is a complete chapter in this book on the specifics of how to get started with Blogger.  See: my review at my Blogger site.     *Top

Getting Started with Blogger: An Evaluation

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I took a look at Blogger today as a potential host and platform for starting a blogging ministry. In order to understand how it works, I set up a new website using Blogger. It took me only 1hr 15 minutes to set it up but I could have done it a whole lot faster. Actually […]

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