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-Even The Pope Tweets?

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For those who continue to make fun of all the Millions ‘Tweeting’ away their lives, now even the Pope tweets.  Pope Benedict XVI sent out a message on Twitter to publicize the launch of the Vatican’s new website-  News.va, The following was the pope’s first message: "Dear Friends, I just launched http://t.co/fVHpS9y Praised be our […]

-Re: The New Google +1 Button

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The video introduces the whys and uses for Google’s new “+1 Button”. It is somewhat similar to the “Like” button on Facebook but is intended to be used all across the Internet. Plus according to those in the know, the button will be tied into the Google search engine so it will be important to […]

-Techno Stewardship?

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The Barna Group has completed a new study showing something that all of us directly experience- that families are more technology and media dependent than ever. They conclude that modern families by and large are negligent in applying concepts of Biblical stewardship to how much of their time is spent online, watching TV, and on […]

-Ever Thought About Adding a Forum?

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                  (Image via Wikipedia) Ever thought about adding a forum to your website or blog? bbPress is one of the best and it is free: bbPress Plus it has thousands of folks constantly upgrading the program and making it better. There’s even a forum about the forum with all sorts of help available on the […]

-The Art of Adding Images to Your Blog

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(Image via Wikipedia) When I started blogging over 5 years ago, very few blogs actually had images, pictures, or videos incorporated into their posts. If there were pictures or images they were usually in the heading or on the side bar. Now images are pretty much expected if you are a serious blogger. It is […]

-St. Pixels, New Online 3D Church on Facebook

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           (Image via CrunchBase) St. Pixels, is an online 3D church, hosting the first-ever interactive worship service on Facebook. According to St. Pixels designer, Mark Howe:  “Love it or hate it, Facebook is where people are in 2011. If the Gospel is for today’s connected culture, it has to find a distinctive but culturally-appropriate place […]

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