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WP Plugin: Freebie Images

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Here’s another WordPress plugin that makes it easy to add pictures and images as you write a post: Freebie Images Once the plugin is installed and activated you are able to drag a picture into post from a side application with over a 100,000 or so free photo’s and images available.  Quite handy! Here’s another […]

Taking Care of Broken Links

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(Image by mansikka via Flickr) Ever click on a link and end up on a 404 page? Everyone has–it is one of those little frustrations that we endure on the net. That’s why it is a good idea every once in a while to check out the links on your own blog. Some suggest that […]

Re: WordPress Plugins—What I’ve discovered.

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(Image via Wikipedia) Q:  Joe Chavez asked: “I was curious to know what other plugins or utilities do you use/recommend?” A: There are literally thousands of plugins available to WordPress.org bloggers. I have personally tried out a hundred or so. At one time I was using nearly 30 but in the process discovered several issues […]

45+ Essential WordPress Plugins

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(Logo via CrunchBase) BlogPerfume Provides a list of essential WordPress plugins along with evaluations and images for each one. This is one of the best articles that I have ever seen on the subject—check it out! Lots of useful info!           *Top 

Plugin: WP Easy Uploader

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Image via CrunchBase A couple of weeks ago I put the WP Easy Uploader plugin on my WordPress blogs. What a great time saver this one is! Now I can upload the entire program for a plugin or new theme into my WordPress files with only a couple of clicks. In order to try out […]

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