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-Trackbacks vs. ‘Bottombacks,’ ‘Nothingbacks,’ and ‘Spambacks’

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Genuine ‘trackbacks’ are wonderful indications that your blogging efforts are actually being appreciated. In most blogging platforms trackbacks are automatic. If your have been blogging for a while this is nothing new. A valuable genuine trackback happens when someone writing a post on another site places a link in the midst of it to one […]

-Comments Might Actually Get You In Legal Trouble

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  (Picture by Sybren A. Stüvel via Flickr) Anyone who has read blogs and websites for a while has run across the ‘hit and run’ totally angry troll commenter who doesn’t really respond to the post at all but wants to hurt and insult the writer or some of the previous commenters. Sometimes those comments […]

-How a Christian Should Be Responding Online

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     (Image via Wikipedia) One of my greatest joys are the friends that I have made online all around the world in the last six years. However, one of my greatest disappointments is how some of my supposed brothers and sisters in Christ have treated me sometimes over very small points of disagreement. At least […]

-Responding in Love to Difficult Comments

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Well sometimes comments can actually ruin your whole day. One of the hardest things to do as a Christian blogger is to respond in love to those who criticize and are down right mean and ornery to you in their comments. Sometimes when I’m responding to a reader’s comment on one of my blogs, the […]

-Online Integrity and Credibility?

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              (Image via Wikipedia) Integrity and credibility are two issues that everyone online are going to be involved with one way or another. Whether you are writing a blog, publishing a website, or just reading and commenting. For the Christian blogger or social networker it should be absolutely crucial and obvious. We really should be […]

Learning to Take Criticism Well

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(Picture by Sybren A. Stüvel via Flickr) I started thinking about some of my experiences over the years when it comes to  negative comments and criticisms made on my blog. When I first started blogging 9 years ago, I would take to heart and dwell on every negative comment that came my way and spend […]

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