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-Is Your Site ‘Mobile Friendly’?

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Awesome! This page is mobile-friendly.   Google’s Mobile Friendly Test site Here’s a link to Google’s test site to see if your website or blog is ‘mobile friendly.’ Enter your ‘URL’ and find out where you stand in a minute or less. Why It is Important According to Google, there are now more mobile devices […]

-Blocking Offensive ADs and Setting Up an ‘AD Disclaimer’

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This is for all of you bloggers who have woken up one morning and discovered an offensive ad generated by Google AdSense on your site. If this hasn’t happened to you then you are either new or you haven’t monetized your website with AdSense or something like it that generates ads on your site that […]

-What is Google ‘Panda’ Looking For?

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First of all you may be asking- What the heck is ‘Google Panda’ anyway? It certainly is a question I asked when I first came across a reference to it. ‘Panda’ is the name assigned to Google’s latest algorithm. The program that rates everything on the web and determines what gets linked to and decides […]

-Having and Using Multiple Email Addresses

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Image via CrunchBase Practically everyone and everything demands an email address from you these days. Purchase flowers online, book a room or a flight, to access a news site, set up a blog, join a social network, download a new program, leave a comment on a website, or keep in touch with family or friends. […]

-Re: The New Google +1 Button

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The video introduces the whys and uses for Google’s new “+1 Button”. It is somewhat similar to the “Like” button on Facebook but is intended to be used all across the Internet. Plus according to those in the know, the button will be tied into the Google search engine so it will be important to […]

-Links: Not All Links are Created Equal

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One of the ways to increase traffic to your site is to increase the authority and search results from Google and others. Genuine links to your site are helpful in this process. However gone are the days when ‘just any old link’ will do, and some can get you in trouble with Google and actually […]

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