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-Does Google Know You?

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Image via Wikipedia How are you represented on the Internet? Does Google know you? It is really important for a church, a ministry, an organization, or even an individual to do a search once in a while and find out what comes up about you on the Net. You might be surprised. I was surprised […]

-Google vs. China on Internet Censorship

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(Image via CrunchBase) Google email accounts were presumably hacked by the Chinese government in December. Since the victims were primarily Chinese human rights activists this resulted in a strain between Google and the Chinese government. Now Google is saying that they may quit China over censorship of search results. For once Google is on our […]

January: John 3:16 Hits #1 on Google

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This is an old story and somehow I missed it at the time, but in January 2009, “John 3:16” was the No. 1 ranked search term on Google worldwide. This phenomena was brought on by Tim Tebow. The University of Florida quarterback not only led the Gators to #1 in the national championship college football […]

Book Review: "Getting Noticed on Google"

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By Ben Norman (Southam,UK: Computer Step, In Easy Steps series, 2007, 192 pages) A Valuable introduction to Google. All of the Google tools and services are mentioned and examples are given on how to sign up, set up,and use Google stuff. Also, Google SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a major focus of the book.  There’s […]

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