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-St. Pixels, New Online 3D Church on Facebook

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           (Image via CrunchBase) St. Pixels, is an online 3D church, hosting the first-ever interactive worship service on Facebook. According to St. Pixels designer, Mark Howe:  “Love it or hate it, Facebook is where people are in 2011. If the Gospel is for today’s connected culture, it has to find a distinctive but culturally-appropriate place […]

-Online Integrity and Credibility?

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              (Image via Wikipedia) Integrity and credibility are two issues that everyone online are going to be involved with one way or another. Whether you are writing a blog, publishing a website, or just reading and commenting. For the Christian blogger or social networker it should be absolutely crucial and obvious. We really should be […]

-Are You Using Social Media to Bless Others?

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From GMO Blog: “How are you using social media to refresh others?” Quote from article: Will you choose to be a breath of fresh air to the world today? How are YOU using social media in your life to refresh others lives with the grace and truth of Jesus Christ? Philippians 2:15: “Go out into […]

-BlogWorld and New media Expo 2010

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I am attending the BlogWorld Expo in Las Vegas today (Fri. 10/15) A great time to meet new people, see old friends, find new programs and apps. and re-evaluate everything you are doing online. Its like on big ‘Time-out’. The day started with a ‘key note’ discussion about how blogs and new media are affecting […]

-Social Networking from the Cradle to the Grave?

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Image via Wikipedia According to AVG, the Internet security firm, nearly 92% of children in the U.S have some type of online presence by the time they reach just 2 years of age. The young children either show up in articles and pictures in their mothers social net page or they have their very own […]

-Using Mobile Phones and Mobile Devices for Evangelism

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(Image via Wikipedia) Here’s an article from the Internet Evangelism Day website exploring how cell phones and mobile devices could be used in evangelism: Mobile phones and other devices: The potential for evangelism Cells and mobile devices are now being used all over the world even increasingly in 3rd world countries including many that need […]

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