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-Designing a Facebook Fan Page for Your Church or Ministry

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(Image via Wikipedia) Here’s the beginning of a series on developing and designing a Facebook fan page on Ministry Vault blog: Facebook Fan Page Design

-Facebook as an Outreach Tool

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(Facebook logo by imjustcreative via Flickr) There are over 350 million folks on Facebook and it is still growing exponentially. It has incredible potential as a vehicle for outreach. Here’s an excellent article from Digital Evangelism Issues on using Facebook in ministry. It addresses various current issues and has links to helpful training: “Facebook outreach […]

-Some Helpful Internet Stats for the Year 2009

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Image via Wikipedia Wow! 350 million people now on Facebook.  I had no idea–unbelievable! Here’s a link to a bunch of different Internet stats collected for the year 2009. The following I have lifted out as potentially important for evaluation in Internet ministry: Websites * 234 million – The number of websites as of December […]

Evangelism and Social Media

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(Hat Tip to: Digital Evangelism Issues) The OurChurch blog has an article on evangelism and social networking where they evaluate and link to a recent PBS article. John Saddington of ChurchCrunch, was one of those interviewed in the PBS article and points out: “One of the nice things about social media is that it establishes […]

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