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-Responding in Love to Difficult Comments

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Well sometimes comments can actually ruin your whole day. One of the hardest things to do as a Christian blogger is to respond in love to those who criticize and are down right mean and ornery to you in their comments. Sometimes when I’m responding to a reader’s comment on one of my blogs, the […]

-Ten Common Grammar Errors That Plague The Web

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I know that I have broken some of these basic rules in grammar dozens of times while writing on the Web in the last six years. It occurs to me that if I could use a quick refresher in this area then maybe some of you might benefit from it also. Here’s an article by […]

-The Daunting and Haunting Task of Proofreading

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(Image by Dan Patterson via Flickr) Proofreading is probably a writer’s least favorite task. It is also quite necessary, entirely expected, and all of the ‘rewards’ are negative at best. What makes it particularly daunting and haunting is the obvious fact that all of us fail at it occasionally no matter how many times we […]

-What is Google ‘Panda’ Looking For?

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First of all you may be asking- What the heck is ‘Google Panda’ anyway? It certainly is a question I asked when I first came across a reference to it. ‘Panda’ is the name assigned to Google’s latest algorithm. The program that rates everything on the web and determines what gets linked to and decides […]

-10 Online Behaviors That Christians Should Avoid

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Here’s a good article from Church Mag listing 10 different behaviors that Christians should avoid if they want to maintain a good reputation and continue to be positive ambassadors for Christ: 10 Easy Steps to Ruin Your Online Reputation

-The Art of Adding Images to Your Blog

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(Image via Wikipedia) When I started blogging over 5 years ago, very few blogs actually had images, pictures, or videos incorporated into their posts. If there were pictures or images they were usually in the heading or on the side bar. Now images are pretty much expected if you are a serious blogger. It is […]

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