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-The Importance and Effects of Colors

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                     (Image via Wikipedia) An article on Digital Evangelism Issues got me thinking about the importance of colors when it comes to blogs and websites: “The psychology of color in web design” After a little research I ran across a website called Color Matters .com with all sorts of articles about colors and how they […]

-The Rewards of Blogging Holidays and Special Events

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(Image via Wikipedia) Holidays present a number of unique opportunities for ministry blogging but also can bring on quite a few scheduling problems with added church and family commitments. Sometimes it is a balancing act. Nevertheless, I have found that around Christmas time folks are looking for posts telling the Biblical story of the birth […]

Tips on Topics: Blogging about Persecution

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Calling all Christian Bloggers! One of the major topics that Christian bloggers could and should write about is persecution. It is incredible how persecution against Christians is heating up around the world or at least the media has made planet Earth a lot smaller and we can now be aware of what is going on […]

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