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-Speaking to Your Audience and Avoiding ‘Christianese’

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(Cross Image by crowt59 via Flickr) One of the major problems that Christians face on the Internet is actually speaking the language of the target audience while avoiding ‘Christianese’ –words and phrases that are primarily used in the Christian community. I have written on this subject in the past: “The Problem of Speaking Christianese” Here’s […]

Honesty in Blogging is the Best Policy for Sure

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Caption–“No I’m fine, I can last till Halloween is over!” -by Tattooed JJ via Flickr An article by John Saddington of  Church Crunch–“Honesty in Blogging is the Best Policy”– is short , sweet, and to the point. Here’s a quote: “…  Although there’s always a line of being wise and discerning with what we blog […]

Some Thoughts on Blogging Etiquette

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(Image by Mexicanwave via Flickr) When I started blogging I couldn’t even spell ‘etiquette’ much less practice it on my new blog but I did try to learn the best procedures by observing the best. Along the way I naturally picked up some important do’s and don’ts—a lot by just experiencing stuff that I didn’t […]

26+ Places to Find Free Multimedia for Your Blog

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(Image via Wikipedia) From Mashable.com : “26 Places to Find Free Multimedia for Your Blog” A real helpful article by Barb Dybwad with 26 different places to go for ‘free’ pictures, audio, and video for your website and blog. *Top

No Such Thing as Delete on the Internet?

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(Image by voteprime via Flickr) Here’s an interesting article by Yahoo Tech: “No such thing as "deleted" on the Internet” It Reminds folks that some of those horrible pictures and stuff you ‘deleted’ a month ago are probably somewhere out there still on the Internet—particularly if it was on Facebook. This should be a lesson […]

Some Writing and Editing Tips

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(-Picture by Sybren A. Stüvel via Flickr) Here’s a post I found on Problogger with some tips on writing by Shannon Paul- “Six very Official Ways to Improve Your Writing”: 1. Stop Trying to Sound Intelligent 2. Give yourself permission to write garbage 3. Be a Ruthless Editor 4. Use MIGHTY verbs 5. Read aloud […]

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