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The Importance of Browser Checks

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A couple of weeks ago I noticed that some of my blogs were loading slowly (30 seconds) and at other times not at all. At first I attributed it to a possible database attack like I had experienced early last year. After checking everything out with my hosting co. and doing a bunch of different […]

How to Set Up a Blogger Blog

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Image via Wikipedia Melanie Nelson @ Blogging Basics 101 has a screencast tutorial on “How to Set Up a Blogger Blog” Real helpful—she walks you through all the steps and makes helpful suggestions in setting up a new Blogger blog.

Comment Policy–Why it’s a Good Idea!

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Image by ario_j via Flickr Anyone who’s been publishing a blog for a while has received comments that are inappropriate for a Christian site–comments full of obscenities or bearing links to pornography–or comments that you would rather not have published on your blog. There are always those Christians who consider it their mission to drop […]

Choosing a Domain Name for Your Ministry

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?.com .net .org .info .us? Here’s an article with some good tips on choosing the best domain name for your Internet ministry: “The Beginning of your Internet ministry: A Domain Name”  @eMinister Blog Related Posts: “Purchasing Domain names -What You Should Know” Getting Started: Getting Domains from ‘Go Daddy’   *Top

Ministry Today: "Got Blog?"

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Here is an article published on Ministry Today Magazine: “Got Blog”,  by John Brandon. It is a short article to help ministers get started blogging. The three main topics: 1. Why Blog? The writer gives good reasons why someone in the ministry might consider blogging as an extension of their ministry. 2. Choose Your Weapon […]

Featured Blog: "Blogging Basics 101"

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Here’s a blog dedicated to the basics of blogging: Blogging Basics 101. I found this site among those writing about Blog World Expo 2008 which I attended last month. There is some great info. to be gleaned off the articles about the expo. Also, there’s all sorts of good stuff in the archives including a […]

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