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-November 1st: Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church

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Day of Prayer for Persecuted Christians

Sponsored by the Barnabas Fund


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-Top Christian Bloggers

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From the Christian Post:

Longtime blogger and Christian minister Adrian Warnock recently complied a list of the top 200 Christian bloggers ranked by their number of Twitter followers. High on the list are Saddleback Pastor Rick Warren, John Piper of Desiring God Ministries, and Seattle Pastor Mark Driscoll.

<Read the whole article>

Number one on the list is Pastor Rick Warren with 732,642 followers. See who else rates at the top in the article.


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– A New Online Evangelism Training Course

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From Christian Today:

The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association has launched an intensive 12-part online training course.

The School of Evangelism Online is made up of four separate courses looking at preparation, proclamation, power and preservation.

The courses draw on 60 years of evangelistic outreach and include sermon messages from Billy Graham, as well as introductions and details from Franklin and Will Graham.

<Read the whole article>

What a great opportunity to get top notch training for very little cost ($99). The courses also feature a number of teaching videos of Christian leaders like John Stott, Ravi Zacharias, Ron Hutchcraft and Greg Laurie.

The 12-lesson course is available online at: www.BillyGrahamOnlineTraining.org


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-Online Video: Is Length an Issue?

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The last time you clicked and viewed a video online how long was it and did you actually see the whole thing? For most people, length is an issue and according to research most videos online are not viewed all the way through.

A Quote from Phil Cooke:I’m Not Watching Your Online Video Because It’s Too Long

I read some research recently that indicated more than 66% of online video viewers turn it off at the two minute mark. True or not, it’s pretty close to my experience. For a captive audience at a live event, banquet, or other presentation – fine, you can go longer.  But when it comes to an online video – keep it short.

<Read the whole article>

Phil Cooke has a great point here and length is something that I have always taken into account when adding a video to one of my blogs. Up to this point I have rarely posted a video over 5 minutes in length on any of my sites unless it was very good or a quintessential ‘how to’ demonstration.

Usually if it’s part of someone’s speech or news story I want to put up I’ll usually search YouTube for the shortest video possible portraying the event and the money quote. Fortunately, most TV newscast segments only last a couple of minutes at max.

Videos can be a great illustrative tool for any blog post and can add considerable value for the readers. However, care must be taken to insure that the video does not automatically engage the moment one enters the site or clicks on the article. Also, it is important to clearly identify the running time of any video posted.

If the video happens to be lengthy, one can always help out the readers by identifying what part of the video is the most important (e.g: Important quote at 1:25 ) in relation to the article.

Note: there are real exceptions to length as an issue. Video length is primarily an issue when it comes to supplementing an article or blog post. Church sites are famous for putting up videos of entire sermons, Bible teachings, worship services, lectures, or even extended conferences online. Plus there is even a need and a demand for them.            *Top

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-What About Adding a Forum?

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Forums are one of the most popular and successful forms of social media when it comes to religion on the Internet.  A lot depends on what topics normally appear on your site, but many Christian websites, blogs, and ministries can be a natural home for supporting a potential forum.

It is simple enough creating a new subdomain or webpage for a new forum on your site. Plus, if you use a WordPress.org program, it can be as easy as one click to add a bbPress forum program.

Now if you are not sure about the whys and wherefores, here’s an article from QuickOnlineTips with some sound advise on:

When, Why, and How You Should Start a Forum


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-Internet Evangelism Day

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(Getty Images via @daylife)

April 29th is Internet Evangelism Day. Here’s a link to the official website with loads of resources including a number of free ebooks on how to bring Jesus to the world through digital media including the following video:

Mobile Ministry Introduction from Keith Williams on Vimeo.

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