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-Getting Started

Why Blog?

Why Blogging?

Ministry Today: “Got Blog?”

Why Blogging? -A Ministry or A Hobby?


How To Get Started:

How to Create Your First Blog

Starting Out: What to DO and Not to Do!

“5 Mistakes to Avoid When Starting a New Blog”

Blogging: 5 More Mistakes to Avoid Starting Out

Mac Article: “A Blog for Everyone”

How to Set Up a Blogger Blog


Hosted Blogging-Evaluations:

Getting Started with Blogger: An Evaluation

Getting Started: With WordPress.com -An Evaluation

Getting Started: With TypePad


Self-Hosted Blogging:




About Domains:

“Purchasing Domain names -What You Should Know”

Getting Started: Getting Domains from ‘Go Daddy’


Host Evaluations:

Getting Started: Choosing a Host for Your Blog


Blogging Basics:

Some Thoughts on Blogging Etiquette

Blogging: Getting Better Organized

On Blogging: “Be More Than a Blip in the Blogoshere

Where do You Put Your Time?

What is RSS?


Tips on Writing & Editing:

Some Writing and Editing Tips

The Problem of Speaking Christianese

One Simple Blogging Rule

Writing Titles for Your Posts–Some Good Suggestions

Updating or Changing Posts?


Tips for Growing a Blog:

Tips for Increasing Visibility and Traffic to Your Blog

Dressing Up a Blog with Images and Pictures

26+ Places to Find Free Multimedia for Your Blog

Disconnecting Once in a While

Learning to Take Criticism Well

The Importance of Browser Checks

Jail or Worse: The Possible Down-side of New Media

10 Ways to make Your WordPress Blog Faster

Comment Policy–Why it’s a Good Idea!

Great Article: “Blogging Like Jogging”

Taking Care of Broken Links


Blogging Apps:

Re: “Favicon Generator”

Pop-Up Bible References: “RefTagger”

50 Useful Online Apps:

“Share This”

Re: “Windows Live Writer”

Desktop Editors: A List of “Desktop Blogging Clients”

Re: Feedburner Settings-Optimize for Effectiveness

Some Real Help in Blogging Video


WordPress Plugins:

Re: WordPress Plugins—What I’ve discovered

WordPress Sermons Plugin

“Share This”

Taking Care of Broken Links


Blogging Community:

Create Your Own Social Network for Your Church or Ministry Group