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Getting Started: Choosing a Host for your Blog

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9 years ago (5/15) I started out using Yahoo as my web host for my first blog. I didn’t know anything at the time and they presented a near turn-key operation for beginners. They were very reliable at first and I found them to be very reliable and their customer service and technical backup was excellent for several years.

Then I ran into a major hacking problem that they didn’t seem to be able to help me with and in the process I ended up transferring all of my sites to Blue Host which has given me superior customer service ever since.

They are not the cheapest out there but I am glad to pay extra for dependability and excellent service. There may be hosts which are just as reliable and maybe even less expensive. It just takes a little research.

In fact, there are so many host sites anymore that is confusing to a beginner and even to someone like me who has been around for nearly ten years. The following are web hosting evaluations and ratings that can help in the process:

Hosting Review

The next site has some good info. about how to choose a web host:

How to Choose a Web Host

One good tip that I have learned. Before committing to a host, go online and check out all the complaints or problems posted. Every popular host will have some unhappy customers for various reasons.

Look and see if there are a number of similar or repeated complaints. At least you will find out if there is any common problem repeatedly experienced by customers. Just ‘google’ the host name and ‘complaints’ or ‘problems’ and etc.                *Top

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