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Youth Ministry: "Online Missions Trip"

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“On Feb. 1 youth groups around the world will be going on a two-week missions trip—from the comfort of their homes.”

A new ministry called ‘Online Missions Trip’ is encouraging young people to evangelize via social networking Web sites like Facebook, MySpace, and World of Warcraft. Tim Schmoyer, pastor of student ministries at Evangelical Covenant Church of Alexandria in Alexandria, Minn. talks about the new online missions ministry for youth:

“Missions doesn’t have to be limited to a summer trip where you raise lots of money and go somewhere for two weeks and then come home, Missions is an everyday thing, and with the power of the Internet it’s never been as easy as it is today to go across the world and talk to someone for free.”

“I want these kids to grow up being comfortable having those spiritual conversations with their friends … not just expecting that it’s the church’s job.”

The students who signed up for the online missions will be learning techniques for sharing Christ with their friends from the ministry’s Web site evangelism-training material for youth.  Also, there are books and videos available to teach the students how to witness to folks from various religious backgrounds. The Web site also provides a discipleship process for the students who accept Christ through the outreach.

Tim Schmoyer said that he is hoping that the missions trip will not end on Feb. 14, but that it will inspire youth to make evangelism part of their everyday lives:

“Hopefully their mindsets will start to shift, that they would develop lifestyles that are sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s leading as they engage with unbelievers throughout the rest of their lives.”

This really could be a natural extension for youth ministry, most young people are already on the Internet participating in social networking sites.  Internet evangelism could easily become part of every churches youth ministry program.            *Top

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