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Re: "WWJT…What Would Jesus Tweet?"

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Joan Ball Writes: “Imagine my surprise when I opened my email to find that Jesus Christ was following me on Twitter.”

What would you think if you found the following message in your Gmail?:

“Jesus Christ is now following you on Twitter”

Joan thought it was over the top and wrong–she asks:

“When is using the latest technology and communication tools to share the Gospel too much?”

Response: Never! Unless you are impersonating the Lord or making a joke of it. While this is over-the-top—all of the latest tools should be used in sharing the Gospel, but never in a way that intrudes or reflects unfavorably upon the Lord or in a way that actually may push people away.

If another Christian is offended than you can bet that non-believers are reacting negatively also–or even making a joke of it.          *Top 

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