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WordPress Users Check This Out!!!: Older WordPress Versions Now Under Attack!

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**Note: The current WordPress.org version is 2.8.4 

If you are running an earlier version it is definitely time to upgrade—older WordPress versions are now under attack. Thousands of blogs have been hit already—all earlier versions before 2.84  (Note-WordPress.com blogs are not affected).

Hackers have Produced some kind of ‘worm’ that attacks all older versions and sets up an additional fake “administrator” that gives them access to your blog using the registration program even if it is turned off.  Here are two more articles on this issue:

Old WordPress Versions Under Attack

WordPress.org under attack; reason to upgrade to 2.8.4

I learned this one the hard way 1 1/2 years ago when 3 of my blogs were hacked during the last major WordPress attack– now I upgrade immediately. It took me nearly a month to get everything back to normal. I ended up having to flush my databases which the hackers had control of and start all over.             *Top

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3 Comments so far
  1. Joe Chavez September 8, 2009 12:26 pm

    Thanks for the reminder. I, too, upgrade immediately whenever a new version comes out.

    I was curious to know what other plugins or utilities do you use/recommend? I have a few installed and so far everything is going smoothly, but I’m always ready to hear of new finds that work well.

    Also, any suggestions for public wifi security? To my knowledge, self-hosted WP doesn’t support HTTPS for encrypted login. I don’t use public wifi much, but if I do, I would like to be sure that I can log into my blog securely without having my username and password in the open.

    Thanks much!

  2. Dr.D September 8, 2009 8:22 pm

    Hi Joe, Great questions

    Your plugin question will be answered in my next article–thanks for the idea!

    Public WiFi is something I use all the time and theoretically if someone nearby really knows what they are doing they can view what you’re into. I have no idea how that works or how to view what anyone else is doing nor do I want too.

    I had a problem a couple of years ago in a hotel where someone changed some words in a post I was in the process of writing, I changed it back then he,she, or it would change it back again. Still don’t understand how they were able to do that but in this case it was just a prank. However, once I saved and logged out they apparently no longer had access.

    I have gone to the Blog World Conference the last two years and observed thousands of bloggers using public WiFi there with little concern. I kind of think that if your user and PW are saved on your own computer and you login quickly it might be rather difficult for someone to pickup–at least that is my uninformed impression.

    One thing for sure, I avoid any monetary transactions in those situations even if the site is supposedly secure and encrypted.


  3. WordPress For Dummies September 12, 2009 7:48 pm

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