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-Podcasting and Audio Sermons -Differences?

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I’ve been reading up on podcasting lately since I am exploring an idea along with a friend of mine for starting a new Bible Q & A/apologetics podcasting program.

For a long time I didn’t really know the differences between audio sermons or audio teaching and podcasting. They seemed the same to me since the production tech is similar and both could be downloaded in a MP3 format or into an iPod off of a website.

Lot’s of churches and ministries have ‘audio sermons’ and ‘audio studies’ but the best podcasting programs are really a different animal and more like a regular radio program in format. Good podcasting programs usually include bumper music, an introduction, and a closing with contact info along with the main content.  Also regular podcasting programs have RSS for subscription to future programming and their own site to boot.

The rise of podcasting on the Internet has also brought with it greater expectations for more professional sounding productions. Churches and ministries should consider polishing their audio products and making them more appealing. Actually some churches and ministries already attach some sort of generic intro, some even with music, to their audio files. It shouldn’t really take all that much more time and effort to make church and ministry productions even more professional.

I am suggesting that it is time for representatives of the Creator to be even more creative.               *Top

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