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-Pope Benedict XVI Joins Twitter

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Apparently the Vatican got tired of all the pseudo pope accounts on twitter and launched a real one today: @Pontifex

According to Twitchy the hate messages have started rolling in and he hasn’t even ‘tweeted’ yet?

<See some of the messages from ‘famous’ jerks like  Roseanne Barr>

According to the Vatican, they intend to use the new site in order to answers questions? I think that is is rather obvious that the Pope himself will not be tweeting but a representative instead.

Good luck separating all of the junk and spam from those who are really seeking wisdom and understanding from the Pope.

Why ‘Pontifex’? Historically it has been associated with the papacy but has roots that goes back to pagan religious leaders in the early Roman Empire. I have always considered it to be rather assuming for a servant of God. However in looking at the original meaning of the word itself – "bridge-builder," maybe it is not such a poor choice after all for a twitter account for the pope.            *Top

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