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-Free Jesus App?

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  LOL. Actually this is not that far off the mark! There are a number of ministries offering free apps for mobile devises with the Bible in most of the major languages plus teaching on every book of the Bible. It is a wonderful way for folks to secretly read the Bible and receive valuable […]

-Blogging During the Christmas Season

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                 (Image via Wikipedia) Most of the time holidays are a one day or a weekend at best affair but Christmas is an entire season that spans nearly a whole month. Plus it is a natural for Christian bloggers since the whole reason for the season revolves around the birth of Jesus Christ. When it […]

-The Digital Reformation: The Internet is Bringing a Paradigm Shift in Evangelism

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The invention of the printing press brought with it revolutionary changes in communicating the Gospel and spreading Christianity around the World. It made it possible for Bibles to be mass produced and available to regular folks. Since then the Bible has been translated into thousands of different languages. In fact some Bibles associations are forecasting […]

-May 15: Internet Evangelism Day

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Sunday May 15 is Internet Evangelism Day. The organizers of the day offer more than 20 eBooks for free plus lots of other resources on doing ministry on the Internet. The titles include: NetCasters: Using the Internet to Make Fishers of Men by Craig von Buseck God Space: where spiritual conversations happen naturally by Doug […]

-Online Integrity and Credibility?

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              (Image via Wikipedia) Integrity and credibility are two issues that everyone online are going to be involved with one way or another. Whether you are writing a blog, publishing a website, or just reading and commenting. For the Christian blogger or social networker it should be absolutely crucial and obvious. We really should be […]

-The Pope Gives Good Advise for Christians Online

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Pope Benedict recently issued some good advise for Christians online. It was addressed to Catholics but it is right on target for all Christians involved in any kind of Internet ministry: "We must be aware that the truth which we long to share does not derive its worth from its ‘popularity’ or from the amount […]

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