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Create Your Own Social Network for Your Church or Ministry Group

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Create your own ‘social network’ for your church members, ministry, or youth group. Here’s a free service that gets it done:  Grou.ps  Or for a small fee, Ning is always a good option. Why have your own network and not use Facebook or MySpace –after all lot’s of folks are already on those networks? It […]

“7 ways your youth ministry can use twitter effectively”

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  Found this on PART OF THE GLUE blog—some good suggestions: “7 ways your youth ministry can use twitter effectively” : 1. Information, Information, Information….Use it as a free communication tool that can inform parents, leaders and students of upcoming information. <<Read the Rest>>  

Why Youth Ministers Need to be Online

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Here’s an article by JoeRBennett of Churchsmo blog: “Youth Ministers Need To Be Online” (no longer available). The ‘money’ quote from the article: “So why do Youth Ministers need to be online? The answer is simple – because that’s where your students spend a lot of their time.  The Internet is a mission field in […]

Youth Ministry: "Online Missions Trip"

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According to a MinistryToday article: “On Feb. 1 youth groups around the world will be going on a two-week missions trip—from the comfort of their homes.” A new ministry called ‘Online Missions Trip’ is encouraging young people to evangelize via social networking Web sites like Facebook, MySpace, and World of Warcraft. Tim Schmoyer, pastor of […]

Why Blogging? Reasons Why Blogs Work for Youth Ministry

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Here’s a great article with reasons why blogs work well as a Youth ministry website. Shows how easy blogs are to set up and maintain. The post written by Cory Miller even includes a sample Youth Ministry blog to check out. Found on ChurchCommunicationsPro.com.  Actually, a lot of what Cory writes would also apply to […]

“The MySpace Cry”

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By Jeremy Del Rio, Esq. An article in Charisma Magazine , March 2007. MySpace has become a cultural phenomenon among teens in America and among the twenty something. Jeremy Del Rio makes a plea in this article to reach out and minister to young people on MySpace. He says: “Perhaps what we must do first […]