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-Has Your Site Been Hacked and Infested?

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(Photo credit: Wikipedia) Has your website been hacked and infested with links and malware that doesn’t belong there or has it been ‘blacklisted’ for some reason? If so it can really be a nightmare cleaning it up and getting back your traffic and good reputation. I know from experience because three years ago it happened […]

-Re: WordPress Jetpack

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What is Jetpack? A super plugin offered to self hosted WordPress blogs by Automattic, the company behind WordPress.com. At the present there are 23 different applications offered through the plugin. Some of these features have been part of the WordPress.com experience for some time but were not built into the program available for self hosted […]

-Tool: Blog & Website Grader

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Ever wonder how your blog or website stacks up against all of the rest? Here’s a tool that will evaluate your site in a minute or even less: <<Website Grader>> It’s easy! Just go to the site and enter your URL, add an email address, and then click on the “GENERATE REPORT” button. It is […]

-Re: The New Google +1 Button

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The video introduces the whys and uses for Google’s new “+1 Button”. It is somewhat similar to the “Like” button on Facebook but is intended to be used all across the Internet. Plus according to those in the know, the button will be tied into the Google search engine so it will be important to […]

-Ever Thought About Adding a Forum?

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                  (Image via Wikipedia) Ever thought about adding a forum to your website or blog? bbPress is one of the best and it is free: bbPress Plus it has thousands of folks constantly upgrading the program and making it better. There’s even a forum about the forum with all sorts of help available on the […]

-The Art of Adding Images to Your Blog

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(Image via Wikipedia) When I started blogging over 5 years ago, very few blogs actually had images, pictures, or videos incorporated into their posts. If there were pictures or images they were usually in the heading or on the side bar. Now images are pretty much expected if you are a serious blogger. It is […]

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