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-Has Your Site Been Hacked and Infested?

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(Photo credit: Wikipedia) Has your website been hacked and infested with links and malware that doesn’t belong there or has it been ‘blacklisted’ for some reason? If so it can really be a nightmare cleaning it up and getting back your traffic and good reputation. I know from experience because three years ago it happened […]

-Backing Up Your Blog or Website

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(Image via CrunchBase) I have learned the hard way how important it is to backup your blog or website or even your computer for that matter. What if tomorrow your blog or hosted website files were hacked into and were changed or destroyed what would you do? Or worse yet- what if your host went […]

-Sec. Clinton: “Three Internet Freedoms”

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(Sec. Clinton via Wikipedia) On Wednesday, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton declared in a speech that unrestricted Internet access was a top priority of the Administration. In the process she took on China and a number of other countries around the world including Egypt for the recent cases of Internet censorship. In her speech Secretary […]

-Google vs. China on Internet Censorship

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(Image via CrunchBase) Google email accounts were presumably hacked by the Chinese government in December. Since the victims were primarily Chinese human rights activists this resulted in a strain between Google and the Chinese government. Now Google is saying that they may quit China over censorship of search results. For once Google is on our […]

Dangerous ‘Cyberbullying’ Bill Before Congress

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(Image by StephenMitchell via Flickr) A new bill has been introduced in Congress addressing ‘Cyberbullying’- H.R. 1966. The dangerous part is the unforeseen ways the bill may ultimately be used by authorities and interpreted by activist judges in the future. The ‘Cyberbullying’ bill revolves around using the Internet in particular—email, blogs instant messaging, websites, text […]

Lies on the Internet from Christian Sites?

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(-Map of the Internet via Wikipedia) A couple of years ago I was checking out the Internet to see what there was on a church organization that I belong too. I was completely shocked to find so much inaccurate material, and some down right malicious statements about several key leaders that I have known for […]

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