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-Pope Benedict XVI Joins Twitter

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Apparently the Vatican got tired of all the pseudo pope accounts on twitter and launched a real one today: @Pontifex According to Twitchy the hate messages have started rolling in and he hasn’t even ‘tweeted’ yet? <See some of the messages from ‘famous’ jerks like  Roseanne Barr> According to the Vatican, they intend to use […]

-Top Christian Bloggers

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Image via CrunchBase From the Christian Post: Longtime blogger and Christian minister Adrian Warnock recently complied a list of the top 200 Christian bloggers ranked by their number of Twitter followers. High on the list are Saddleback Pastor Rick Warren, John Piper of Desiring God Ministries, and Seattle Pastor Mark Driscoll. <Read the whole article> […]

-Even The Pope Tweets?

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For those who continue to make fun of all the Millions ‘Tweeting’ away their lives, now even the Pope tweets.  Pope Benedict XVI sent out a message on Twitter to publicize the launch of the Vatican’s new website-  News.va, The following was the pope’s first message: "Dear Friends, I just launched http://t.co/fVHpS9y Praised be our […]

-Are You Using Social Media to Bless Others?

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From GMO Blog: “How are you using social media to refresh others?” Quote from article: Will you choose to be a breath of fresh air to the world today? How are YOU using social media in your life to refresh others lives with the grace and truth of Jesus Christ? Philippians 2:15: “Go out into […]

Evangelism and Social Media

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(Hat Tip to: Digital Evangelism Issues) The OurChurch blog has an article on evangelism and social networking where they evaluate and link to a recent PBS article. John Saddington of ChurchCrunch, was one of those interviewed in the PBS article and points out: “One of the nice things about social media is that it establishes […]

Pastors: Worship First–Tweet Later

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(Logo via CrunchBase) Earlier this month we posted on a Time article talking about some churches actually encouraging folks to twitter during the services:  “Twittering Away in Church?” Well here is a reaction from other pastors that would rather have their congregations worship first and twitter later: “Pastors: Hear God’s Word; Tweet Later” Prominent evangelical […]

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