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Twittering Away in Church?

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Here’s a Time article on churches that use Twitter and actually encourage members to engage during worship services. According to the article: “In Seattle, Mars Hill churchgoers regularly tweet throughout the service. In New York City, Trinity Church marked Good Friday by tweeting the Passion play, detailing the stages of Jesus’ crucifixion in short bursts. […]

“7 ways your youth ministry can use twitter effectively”

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  Found this on PART OF THE GLUE blog—some good suggestions: “7 ways your youth ministry can use twitter effectively” : 1. Information, Information, Information….Use it as a free communication tool that can inform parents, leaders and students of upcoming information. <<Read the Rest>>  

Irish RC Cardinal Urges Prayer by Twitter

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(Image via CrunchBase) Ireland: Cardinal Sean Brady, the leader of Ireland’s Roman Catholics, has urged social network users to start sending daily prayers by text, Twitter or e-mail. The Irish Archbishop told his flock on Ireland: "Make someone the gift of a prayer through text, twitter or e-mail every day. "Such a sea of prayer […]

Re: "WWJT…What Would Jesus Tweet?"

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(-Image via CrunchBase) Joan Ball Writes: “Imagine my surprise when I opened my email to find that Jesus Christ was following me on Twitter.” What would you think if you found the following message in your Gmail?: “Jesus Christ is now following you on Twitter” Joan thought it was over the top and wrong–she asks: […]

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