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-Is Your Site ‘Mobile Friendly’?

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Awesome! This page is mobile-friendly.   Google’s Mobile Friendly Test site Here’s a link to Google’s test site to see if your website or blog is ‘mobile friendly.’ Enter your ‘URL’ and find out where you stand in a minute or less. Why It is Important According to Google, there are now more mobile devices […]

-Free Jesus App?

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  LOL. Actually this is not that far off the mark! There are a number of ministries offering free apps for mobile devises with the Bible in most of the major languages plus teaching on every book of the Bible. It is a wonderful way for folks to secretly read the Bible and receive valuable […]

-The Digital Reformation: The Internet is Bringing a Paradigm Shift in Evangelism

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The invention of the printing press brought with it revolutionary changes in communicating the Gospel and spreading Christianity around the World. It made it possible for Bibles to be mass produced and available to regular folks. Since then the Bible has been translated into thousands of different languages. In fact some Bibles associations are forecasting […]

-Techno Stewardship?

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The Barna Group has completed a new study showing something that all of us directly experience- that families are more technology and media dependent than ever. They conclude that modern families by and large are negligent in applying concepts of Biblical stewardship to how much of their time is spent online, watching TV, and on […]

-Mobile Phone Revolution: Reaching the Unreachable

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                           (Mobile Phones –Wikipedia) We have written about how the Internet is a new ‘Roman Road’ making it possible to reach the ‘unreachable’ all around the world. In the first century the roman roads made it possible for Christianity to spread quickly around the known world. Not only that but English is the dominant language […]

-Using Mobile Phones and Mobile Devices for Evangelism

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(Image via Wikipedia) Here’s an article from the Internet Evangelism Day website exploring how cell phones and mobile devices could be used in evangelism: Mobile phones and other devices: The potential for evangelism Cells and mobile devices are now being used all over the world even increasingly in 3rd world countries including many that need […]