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-Techno Stewardship?

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The Barna Group has completed a new study showing something that all of us directly experience- that families are more technology and media dependent than ever. They conclude that modern families by and large are negligent in applying concepts of Biblical stewardship to how much of their time is spent online, watching TV, and on […]

-The Art of Adding Images to Your Blog

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(Image via Wikipedia) When I started blogging over 5 years ago, very few blogs actually had images, pictures, or videos incorporated into their posts. If there were pictures or images they were usually in the heading or on the side bar. Now images are pretty much expected if you are a serious blogger. It is […]

WP Plugin: Freebie Images

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Here’s another WordPress plugin that makes it easy to add pictures and images as you write a post: Freebie Images Once the plugin is installed and activated you are able to drag a picture into post from a side application with over a 100,000 or so free photo’s and images available.  Quite handy! Here’s another […]

Some Real Help in Blogging Video

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Last year I brought back Zemanta and Apture from the BlogWorld Expo. This year at the Expo I was introduced to two sites that really help in finding and putting up Video: Yubby and RedLasso. 1. Yubby allows you to find, collect, and publish videos from 30+ different video sites. First you search and find […]

26+ Places to Find Free Multimedia for Your Blog

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(Image via Wikipedia) From Mashable.com : “26 Places to Find Free Multimedia for Your Blog” A real helpful article by Barb Dybwad with 26 different places to go for ‘free’ pictures, audio, and video for your website and blog. *Top