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-Updating Your Site: No ‘Broken Links’ but Plenty of ‘Bad’ Ones

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404 No Longer Here! You may not have any broken links on your site but that doesn’t mean you don’t have some ‘bad’ ones. I have posted before on the importance of cleaning up and eliminating any broken links since search engines like Google downgrade or penalize sites which have them. But links from past […]

-Is Your Site ‘Mobile Friendly’?

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Awesome! This page is mobile-friendly.   Google’s Mobile Friendly Test site Here’s a link to Google’s test site to see if your website or blog is ‘mobile friendly.’ Enter your ‘URL’ and find out where you stand in a minute or less. Why It is Important According to Google, there are now more mobile devices […]

-Improving the ‘Bounce rate’ on Your Blog

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     (Image via CrunchBase) One of the ways that blogs can be evaluated is the ‘Bounce rate’. Any of you who have Google Analytics installed on your blog already know what this is all about. The bounce rate is the percentage of visitors to your site which read only one post and bounce away without […]

-3 Basic Rules for Bloggers

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Image by cambodia4kidsorg via Flickr Searching the internet tonight I came across a very helpful article listing 3 basic rules all bloggers need to pay attention to: “The 3 Things You Need to Learn About Blogging” Here’s what BloggingPro writer James Dunaway has at the top of his list as far as blogging essentials: 1. […]

-Tool: Blog & Website Grader

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Ever wonder how your blog or website stacks up against all of the rest? Here’s a tool that will evaluate your site in a minute or even less: <<Website Grader>> It’s easy! Just go to the site and enter your URL, add an email address, and then click on the “GENERATE REPORT” button. It is […]

-What is Google ‘Panda’ Looking For?

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First of all you may be asking- What the heck is ‘Google Panda’ anyway? It certainly is a question I asked when I first came across a reference to it. ‘Panda’ is the name assigned to Google’s latest algorithm. The program that rates everything on the web and determines what gets linked to and decides […]

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