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-Top Hosting Sites

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Ever wonder what the best host might be for your faith blog or ministry site. Here’s a list of the top 25 produced by Blogging.org based upon a poll of 5600 bloggers. For your info the #2 is BlueHost the one I use for all of my sites. Their service is terrific. I won’t tell […]

-Re: WordPress Jetpack

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What is Jetpack? A super plugin offered to self hosted WordPress blogs by Automattic, the company behind WordPress.com. At the present there are 23 different applications offered through the plugin. Some of these features have been part of the WordPress.com experience for some time but were not built into the program available for self hosted […]

-Online Video: Is Length an Issue?

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            (Photo credit: Wikipedia) The last time you clicked and viewed a video online how long was it and did you actually see the whole thing? For most people, length is an issue and according to research most videos online are not viewed all the way through. A Quote from Phil Cooke: “I’m Not Watching […]

-To Date or Not to Date

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  (February 2012 (Photo:Carol Browne) I don’t know if you have noticed or not but some of the most successful blogs on the Internet no longer date their posts –Copyblogger for one. Why? Blogs that have dropped the traditional dating have found that their older posts are now getting read at a greater frequency, the […]

-Improving the ‘Bounce rate’ on Your Blog

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     (Image via CrunchBase) One of the ways that blogs can be evaluated is the ‘Bounce rate’. Any of you who have Google Analytics installed on your blog already know what this is all about. The bounce rate is the percentage of visitors to your site which read only one post and bounce away without […]

-Tool: Blog & Website Grader

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Ever wonder how your blog or website stacks up against all of the rest? Here’s a tool that will evaluate your site in a minute or even less: <<Website Grader>> It’s easy! Just go to the site and enter your URL, add an email address, and then click on the “GENERATE REPORT” button. It is […]

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