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-Tips on Growing Long-Term Authority

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INTEGRITY!!! I have been blogging since 2006. In that time I have noticed more than a few ‘flashes in the pan’; that is- blogs and websites who rose to great heights only to crash and disappear a few short years later. Each one is a story in itself. Some of them had timely messages that […]

-2012: What Really Matters

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The coming of a new year is always a good time to sit down and evaluate what you’ve been doing during the past year and compare it to your goals and reasons for being on the Internet in the first place. Right now you can find one article after another talking about 2012 and "what […]

-After 5 Years of Blogging Here’s What I’ve learned

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Today is the 5th anniversary of my humble start in the blogosphere. In that time I have observed many different trends and changes. I have also seen many good blogs and bloggers come and go. Many started blogging in 2005 and 2006 because their friends did and it became the popular thing to do. It […]

Response: Time to Tune-up and Recommit

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Last weekend I attended the Christian Web Conference at Biola University. After a week of marinating in some of the lessons and info gained from that valuable experience I will use this weekend as a time of evaluation and new commitment to the task. The last 3 years I have used the aftermath of the […]

Where do You Put Your Time?

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(Image by Kristina B via Flickr) In bouncing off several suggestions I found on other sites about blogging, I began to evaluate where I was spending most of my blogging time—was it really in posting and communicating a desired message or in the usual blogging chores of updating, responding to comments, flushing spam, checking stats, […]

Barna: The Techno Generational Gap in the Church

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New research by The Barna Group shows the divide between different generations and how they approach the new media. This is helpful for church leaders and outreach folks to get a hold of in order to plan more effective ministry to different generational groups.  Most churches are adequately reaching the Boomers and the Busters but […]

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