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-Copyright Facts

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        (Image via Wikipedia) One of the strangest facts for a new blogger to fully comprehend and accept is that when one writes a blog article it is actually copyrighted and its use is subject to the writer. There is a great blending and sharing of stuff through social networking sites and through private emails […]

-Blogging: Things to Never Do!

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(Image by Mexicanwave via Flickr) Here’s a link to an article by Andrew G. Rosen of Blogging Pro: “5 Things to NEVER Do on Your Blog” I found these 3 particularly helpful for Christian blogs: 1. NEVER publish a blog when you’re angry. Particularly good advise for Christian sites where you are hoping to witness […]

-Before You hit The ‘Publish’ Button

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(Image by iStylr via Flickr) Here’s a checklist from DailyBlogTips to use before you hit the ‘Publish’ button and send that new post into the blogosphere: 1. Did I read the post after writing it? 2. Is the post as complete as it could be? 3. Did I research the related keywords? 4. Did I […]

-11 tips for Good writing

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3d puppet with a pen from Crestock Stock Photos Here’s an article by Dean Rieck @ Copyblogger: “11 Smart Tips for Brilliant Writing” The 11 tips: 1. Have something to say 2. Be specific 3. Choose simple words 4. Write short sentences 5. Use the active voice 6. Keep paragraphs short 7. Eliminate fluff words […]

-The Rewards of Blogging Holidays and Special Events

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(Image via Wikipedia) Holidays present a number of unique opportunities for ministry blogging but also can bring on quite a few scheduling problems with added church and family commitments. Sometimes it is a balancing act. Nevertheless, I have found that around Christmas time folks are looking for posts telling the Biblical story of the birth […]

-5 Common Grammatical Mistakes That Make You Look Dumb!

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Image via Wikipedia Here’s a helpful guide to some common mistakes that I make every once in a while and you probably do to. Written by Brian Clark of Copyblogger: “Five Grammatical Errors that Make You Look Dumb” He lists five mistakes to avoid when blogging and writing web copy: 1. Your vs. You’re 2. […]

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