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-Online Ministry Potential: 420 Million in China

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Image via Wikipedia According to the China Internet Network Information Centre China now has the world’s largest online market. Add to that 277 million people with access to the internet through mobile phones. China presents an incredible potential for reaching millions of folks for Jesus Christ. Even though the government tries to scrub the search […]

-Sec. Clinton: “Three Internet Freedoms”

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(Sec. Clinton via Wikipedia) On Wednesday, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton declared in a speech that unrestricted Internet access was a top priority of the Administration. In the process she took on China and a number of other countries around the world including Egypt for the recent cases of Internet censorship. In her speech Secretary […]

-Google vs. China on Internet Censorship

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(Image via CrunchBase) Google email accounts were presumably hacked by the Chinese government in December. Since the victims were primarily Chinese human rights activists this resulted in a strain between Google and the Chinese government. Now Google is saying that they may quit China over censorship of search results. For once Google is on our […]